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Clear Your Mind – Amethyst Bracelet

Clear Your Mind – Amethyst Bracelet

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Clear Your Mind - Amethyst

Coloring: Amethyst is the purple variety of the quartz mineral species. The purple coloring can range from a light shade of lilac to a deep plum color. Amethyst stones usually consist of various zones of color intensity.

Size: One size fits most - stretch bracelet

May wearing this bracelet calm your mind, help manage your emotions and provide the inner wisdom needed to be successful.

Each bracelet comes with a descriptor card and are packed in a suede drawstring cloth bag and black cardboard box. 


Inconsistencies in the stones - these are natural stones that have been tumbled and polished, due to their natural properties, there will be inconsistencies in the beads, which is completely normal. Rainbow moonstone does have some small flashes in them, but each bracelet varies on size and quantity of flashes.

Gemstone Disclaimer:

We understand that following the metaphysical benefits of gemstones and crystals can be a personal spiritual practice.

We do not offer any guarantees that wearing crystals or gemstones will have a profound impact on your health in any capacity. We ask that you please consult your Health Care Professional for any information on health care issues.

A spiritual journey is one's own to take in a way that fits their own personal lifestyle. We encourage you to remember there is natural beauty in all gemstones and crystals, and it is perfectly ok to love them just for their beauty.

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