When it's time to express your authentic voice confidently, find someone who can reveal what is buried within your heart.

Let me help you pull it out and put it all together in a way that makes sense.

  • Individuality

    When it comes to confidently expressing your authentic voice, I can understand the hesitation around your vulnerability. I am committed to helping you lean in to your identity by reminding you of who you are in God's eyes through my products and writings.

  • Entrepreneurs & Organizations

    Your brand is more than just a business – it’s an extension of you. I specialize in revealing the heart and soul of your brand through strategic creative designs that are thoughtfully woven with intention.

  • Authors

    You worked really hard on writing your book, you need a cover that captures the overall message – and sprinkles in your brand identity. I work closely with you to design your ideal book from cover to interior so you don't have to stress about it. 

Not knowing how to design shouldn't be what holds you back from moving forward. That's what I'm here for!

Finding the right person to collaborate with on design can be tricky and overwhelming. The temptation to settle for the easier route is always there, but can leave you frustrated with the end result. My approach in design is one of collaboration, here's how you can be certain we are a good fit to work together.

I left my corporate office management and marketing position so I could help others. With over 20 years of experience, I have refined my skills and approach to design that helps smaller businesses achieve branding success.

Strategic creative design helps reveal the heart and soul.

My brand is more than just a businessit’s an extension of me. I believe in honest transparency, and showing up for you at my most authentic, imperfect self.

Shonda with the You are a Mom card

From greeting cards to editorial design and everything in between

I started out making greeting cards for my stationery brand as a way to heal my heart after a miscarriage. As time progressed, others started reaching out to me to help them with their brand identity and marketing design.

Along the way, I found I was the one people were reaching out to when it came to struggling with finding their identity or sense of purpose after hardship. Because I felt torn between helping entrepreneurs and serving those who were hurting, I have come up with a way to do both.

My brand is built on compassion and empathy, I listen to you and help come up with a plan that helps meet your needs.

Whether you need a guided workbook with questions tailored to help you uncover your purpose and identity, or a brand identity to represent your business, you have come to the right person.

I take a different approach than most graphic designers

  • 01.

    Every person and business is unique, I listen to your pain points so I can offer solutions that are customized to your problems and not someone else's.

  • 02.

    I believe in empowering you in a way that helps boost your confidence by customizing guided workbooks to dig deep to capture your heart and soul.

  • 03.

    Life happens which means delays are often unavoidable - we work at your pace and adjust timelines to fit your schedule the best we can.

My Mission

My mission is to help you confidently express your voice and embrace your authentic identity, while honoring the faith that guides your journey.

Your Host - Shonda Ramsey

Hello, I'm Shonda Ramsey

I am a friend, encourager, and leader. I am passionate about helping others feel loved, wanted, and understood.

I am a graphic designer, author, entrepreneur, and podcaster.

After struggling with my identity crisis in a life I didn't imagine, I leaned into God more as I fought my way to solid ground. The lessons that came with my struggles can help others rediscover their identity after hardships.

I can empathize with you in your struggle because I have also gone through hardships and know how difficult it is to navigate.

It is my hope and prayer that no one ever feels as if they are alone at the bottom of the ocean in their depths of despair. I am beside you, my hand extended towards you, ready to pull you to shore.

God has blessed me with my gifts, and I know He wants me to share them with you.

My Values


I believe in the power of genuine expression. Authenticity is at the heart of everything I do. I encourage my clients to be true to themselves and their identity.

Faith Driven

I am guided by the Christian faith and spiritual principles. My work is a mixture of the values of faith, integrity, and a commitment to doing good in the world.


I empower my clients to confidently communicate their authentic voice. I believe in equipping them with the tools and designs needed to succeed.


Creativity is the cornerstone of my work. I embrace innovation and creative thinking to strategically design unique and impactful visual identities.


I design with purpose and intention. Every element, color, and font is chosen deliberately to align with the client's goals and values.


I foster a collaborative relationship with my clients. I work closely with them, listening to their needs and ideas, to create designs that truly represent their vision.


I strive for excellence in every project I undertake. Quality is non-negotiable, and I continuously push myself to deliver exceptional results.


I approach each project with empathy and understanding, recognizing that every brand and every individual behind the brand has a unique story and journey.

Let's work together to discover your identity!