Introducing: Dear Indie Author

Dear Indie Author is a podcast where we inspire creative independence in every writer. Applications for guests is currently open, if you are an author, a writer, or an industry professional, I want to interview you!

Your Host - Shonda Ramsey

Minimalistic, Intentional, Confident

Strategic creative designs for overwhelmed entrepreneurs.


Confidently express your brand's authentic voice.

You love to hide behind the scenes, afraid to show your authenticity. As a result, your audience is silent and sales have grown cold. I am here to help you discover your brand's authentic identity and provide you with the tools to show up more confidently for your audience.

Serving: Entrepreneurs, Organizations, and Authors

  • Brand Design & Book Design

    Hope*Books Publishing

  • Brand Design & Identity

    Liz Anne

  • Logo & Product Packaging

    Lucky Cafe

Revealing the heart and soul of your brand through strategic creative designs that are thoughtfully woven with intention.

graphic, book, and web design

Let's get started with your brand strategy.


What I'm Writing

Want to know more about the books I am writing? I keep a running list of all projects that I am working on as well as completed books. There may even be a few fun surprises along the way.


I need help with leaning into my personal authenticity. Do you help with that?

I would love to help you. Please let me know your needs and how you believe I can help.