Lilian Grace Designs is a stationery and lifestyle brand focused on building friendships from the heart for women who feel unheard and alone helping her to cultivate deep-rooted relationships with herself and others.​

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A thoughtful gift helps others feel appreciated and loved.


Founded in 2017 by Shonda Ramsey, Lilian Grace Designs first debuted as an online and mobile gift shop with the intent to provide encouragement and resources for others to strengthen their relationships through purposeful relationship building.  During the early stages of the business, we carried brands we believed in that paired nicely with our test products and had a quarterly subscription box, which allowed us the creative freedom needed to test the market and refine our product lineup. Now, we are merging the original brand with Oh So Shonda and developing a new faith based brand for our sister company and non-profit, Authentically Created Women's Ministries.

Authentically Created
Black and white nursery

Lilian Grace

This business is dedicated to the daughter we've always wanted but have never been able to have.  God has great plans for us in this lifetime, so we have taken our sorrows and turned them into our dreams. 

 Because of this, Lilian Grace is born.