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Shonda Ramsey

Authentically Anchored Paperback

Authentically Anchored Paperback

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Authentically Anchored: Finding Joy in the Life You've Never Imagined Through God's Grace

Have you ever found yourself adrift in a sea of expectations, drowning in the pressure to be someone you’re not? Have you looked in the mirror, wondering where the person you used to be went?

Shonda Ramsey’s Authentically Anchored is not just a book—it is a guiding light towards a life of joy, purpose, and deep spiritual connection. She invites you to join her through the moments where hope seems but a distant memory as she candidly shares her stories of struggle and doubt—revealing a path through your struggle and doubt. You’ll work together through exercises that bring you to shore and anchor yourself to God on the journey of rediscovering your authentic self.  

Whether searching for answers, seeking encouragement, or simply longing for a fresh perspective, find hope and guidance within these pages as you take on the adventure of self-discovery and faith.

Step into the fullness of your purpose and break free from the chains of expectation. It’s time to rediscover yourself, love who you are, and live a life that’s Authentically Anchored in Christ.

Author Bio: Shonda Ramsey is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur.  Her stories center around the twists and turns of life, authentic living, and the importance of faith. She enjoys camping with her husband, laughing with friends, singing (slightly off-key), and dancing in the rain. Connect with her @shondaramseyofficial on social media and at


Book Size: 6"x9"

Page Count: 248


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