What is a brand audit and why should I want one?

What is a brand audit and why should I want one?

What is a brand audit and how is it different than a brand analysis?

A brand audit is a very powerful tool that helps your business determine its brand's presence within the intended market. While your insights will confirm exactly who your brand is reaching, an audit will show you what message is coming across loud and clear to your potential customer and whether or not it is hitting the objective. It covers all aspects of internal and external branding, as well as the customer experience.

A brand analysis is a quicker process than a brand audit and covers the external branding of visuals and messaging only. It can also be a powerful tool for your brand but isn't as in-depth as a brand audit is.

How much does a brand audit cost and how long does it take? The Brand Audit takes 3-5 weeks in total to complete and the regular price is $600. For a limited time only, I am offering free Comprehensive Brand Audit signups until March 8, 2024 or when all the seats have been filled

In summary, my free brand audit, I will:

  • Tell you who I believe your target audience is based on your posts and engagement
  • Tell you what your existing brand colors are conveying to your audience
  • Tell you what I believe your brand does based on your posts
  • Go over your metrics with you
  • Give you advice on what is recommended to improve your brand presence

How the brand audit works:

  1. You sign up to begin the process for the free audit (if available) or purchase the service
  2. You'll receive a PDF with a link to a questionnaire
  3. I'll receive your submitted questionnaire and open the audit
  4. I spend 1 business day collecting data that I find about your business
    1. Brand Identity
    2. Messaging
    3. Digital Presence
    4. Marketing Positioning
    5. Customer Viewpoint
  5. I'll reconnect with you to begin the process of gathering data you can receive about your metrics
    1. Insights on Traffic
    2. Customer Feedback
    3. Marketing Tactics
  6. We will meet virtually to discuss your goals with the brand audit
  7. I will analyze all data collected and reach out if more is needed
  8. I will put together a list of my findings
  9. I will make recommendations based on my findings
  10. We will reconnect virtually to go over my findings and recommendations and determine what the next steps of implementation will be.

Why should you invest in a brand audit for your business? It helps you better understand your brand as a whole using tools and resources you have at your fingertips. Most entrepreneurs are too busy to focus time on their metrics or don't understand how to get the data they need. I help you through this process during your audit so you can keep up with it month after month. 

Reminder: This free brand audit is here for a limited time only, after March 8, 2024 (or if all the seats are claimed, whichever comes first) it will only be available by purchasing it. 

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