Taking time to slow down amidst the rush

Taking time to slow down amidst the rush

Have you ever felt like you've constantly been go-go-going? I have always had an active to-do list, with tasks that often go unchecked until the next day or sometimes the next week. Spreading myself thin had become a norm until one day I decided I wasn't doing myself any favors by constantly going full speed ahead. 

Right now is arguably the busiest time of my life to date. I have client deadlines, a book launch, a new podcast launch, guest interviews, media opportunities, upcoming events, and I'm hosting a party! Last week I could tell that the stress of these looming deadlines was getting to me, which is why I was so grateful that Mike scheduled us to go on a short camping trip to the lake nearby.

Because this trip was shorter than we usually take, it gave me the chance to skip a day of work on Monday. (although if I'm being honest, I did do some work on Monday). Nevertheless, I learned something while camping, or perhaps was reminded of something, that caused me to stop, pause, and get back into the best rhythm for me

Here is what I learned:

  1. No one knows my deadlines but me, just as no one sets them up other than me.
  2. I am in control of over-booking myself and can stop that from happening by strategically booking myself.
  3. Sometimes social media feels like no one is listening because there isn't any engagement, but in reality, the algorithms control who sees my posts, and all I can do is keep doing my best to be me.
  4. The content I've been putting out here this year has been methodical, and teachable, but has it been relatable? Perhaps it's time to audit my brand presence.
  5. It's ok to take time off to spend lost in nature to reconnect with Mike, myself, and most importantly, with God. 
  6. Others do not define what success looks like for me, I am the one at the helm of this ship. 
  7. Dreams can come true with hard work and proper life balance.
  8. Even if I only sell one book, and that one book helps that one reader, then I have done what I was called to do and I am ok with that.
  9. Not everyone has the same morals and values as I do, and putting expectations on them that they will treat me with high regard is setting both of us up for failure. 
  10. I am called to love others as Jesus commanded, therefore, to fully love others, and accept them for who they are is the first step in honoring our differences in a kind and loving way.

As you can tell, I spent my time reflecting on all the areas that were troubling me. While this time spent in reflection and prayer didn't magically fix anything, it did open my eyes to the part I was playing in adding to my stress. 

Let me ask you this...Have you ever put too high of expectations on your shoulders? How did you handle the stress from it? 

I want to encourage you this week to take some time out to get lost in nature, to just sit and be still, to soak up the sun, and to reflect on all that is troubling you. Lay it there on the ground, at the feet of Jesus, and as you get up to walk away, don't look back, keep moving forward, and remember to slow down instead of rushing. 

With Grace, Shonda Ramsey

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