My Creative Process: Capturing the Heart and Soul of Every Design

My Creative Process: Capturing the Heart and Soul of Every Design

Every great design begins with a story. As a designer, my goal is to capture the heart and soul of my clients' visions and bring them to life through my creative process. Today' I'm excited to walk you through the steps I take to ensure each project not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Step 1: Discovery Call

The discovery call is a crucial step, it's the first change to get to know you and your project details. I'll ask questions to gather insights about your project so I can better understand your goals, preferences, and vision. This call helps me understand you a bit more.

Step 2: Customized Proposal

After the discover call, I create a customized proposal outlining the services I can offer that fit within your goals and project needs. Because I customize each proposal to match the client, you can be certain that the choice you make is going to provide you with the most bang for you buck without adding a bunch of unnecessary things to the pile. 

Step 3: Signed Contract

Once you accept the proposal, we move forward with a signed contract and deposit down. This formalizes our agreement and protects both parties as well as marks the official start of the project and sets the stage for a successful collaboration. 

Step 4: Pinterest Boards for Inspiration

I invite you to a Pinterest board where you can begin pinning inspiration from your own Pinterest, as well as provide links to my boards that are pre-set up that align with your project to choose from. This helps collect the look that you want in your overall project which visually represents your aesthetic preferences. 

Step 5: Mood Boards

Based on the Pinterest board, I create three mood boards. These mood boards capture different styles and themes that align with your vision. I present these options to you, allowing you to choose the one that best represents your desired direction. 

Step 6: Hand Sketching Ideas

With the chosen mood board in mind, I begin hand sketching my ideas on my iPad. This step allows me to brainstorm and visualize concepts before moving into the digital design phase. Attention to detail is key during this process, and I try to capture every aspect of the design that reflects your heart and soul. 

Step 7: Procuring Assets

Next, I procure any necessary assets with proper commercial use licenses such as fonts, clipart, illustrations, and photos. These elements are carefully selected to complement the design and enhance the overall aesthetic. Each asses is chosen with your vision in mind.

Step 8: Designing in Adobe Software

With all the assets in place, I move on to the design phase using Adobe software. This is where the project begins to come to life. I bring all the elements together to create a cohesive and visually stunning design. 

Step 9: Sending Proofs for Approval

Once the initial design is complete, I send proofs to the client for approval. This step allows for feedback and revisions. Collaboration is crucial, and I work closely with the client to make any necessary adjustments to ensure the design is perfect.

Step 10: Finalizing and Packaging Assets

After you approve the design, I finalize and package all the assets. This includes preparing files in various formats for different uses. 


While part of my creative process also includes admin tasks, I remain organized throughout the whole process to ensure a smooth handover during the final step. By having you a part of the creative process in the beginning, it helps ensure that I am on the right track in creating a design that captures your heart and soul. I often also include workbooks to help you along the way if you are struggling with finding your voice. This is an added step that fits in between the Mood Board creation and the Hand Sketching. 

Remember, capturing the heart and soul of your vision takes time and dedication, but the results are worth it! Let's create something beautiful together!

With Grace, Shonda

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