Defining Your Core Values

Defining Your Core Values

Core values serve as the guiding light that shapes a brand's identity, culture, and direction. They are the cornerstone of your foundation, to build your brand without them could leave you on shaky ground.

I really want to encourage you to take time this week to focus on your core values. Determine what you feel are the right values for your business, and why. To help you, I have created some prompts for you to use when brainstorming.

Authenticity & Alignment

  • Align with your mission & vision
  • Reflect your beliefs and principles

Writing Prompts:

  1. Does your brand follow any specific beliefs, faith-based, or other?
  2. Review your mission, what stands out to you that could be carried over into your core values?
  3. Review your vision, what stands out to you that could be carried over into your core values?

Relevance & Impact

  • Relevant to your industry
  • Impact to your audience

Writing Prompts:

  1. Are there any relevant values that align with your industry and could be incorporated into your core values?
  2. How will your core values impact your audience?
  3. How do you think your audience will perceive your core values?

Memorability & Communicability

  • Easy to remember & recognize
  • Clear and easy to read

 Writing Prompts:

  1. Is there an acronym you can incorporate into your core values for memorability?
  2. Is there a symbol you can include that becomes recognizable as a pinpoint for your core values?
  3. Write out your potential core values using clear and easy to read sentences now.

If you are stuck and want to see how I break down my core values, head over here

The important thing to remember is that your core values should be something that you can easily instill in your businesses daily operations. You want to always lead by example and make sure that your actions as the business reflect your core values. It's important to note that we aren't all perfect, and sometimes we may not be able to uphold them like we hope. If you find yourself in a situation like that, it is best to regroup, reevaluate, readjust, and reapply. 

Setting up your foundation doesn't have to be overwhelming, speak from your heart.

With Grace, Shonda

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