Considering a Dual Role: How Authors Can Thrive as Entrepreneurs

Considering a Dual Role: How Authors Can Thrive as Entrepreneurs

Being an author doesn't always just mean you write books. It also involves picking up the entrepreneurial hat to market and monetize your creative work. If you're struggling with book sales, perhaps considering a dual role of being both the author and an entrepreneur could help. 

If you're ready to take on the challenges of becoming an author-entrepreneur, read on to discover some of my favorite ways to incorporate both into your goal planning.

  1. Companion Product Sales: Expand your revenue streams by offering companion products alongside your books. This could include merchandise such as branded apparel, bookmarks, or even themed gift boxes. These products not only complement your books but also serve as additional sources of income.
  2. Coaching and Consulting Services: Did you write a book that shares your expert knowledge? Why not offer coaching or consulting services that align with your teachings in your book. Your experience is valuable and can serve as a way to help others. 
  3. Online Courses and Workshops: Create and monetize online courses or workshops that leverage your knowledge and skills. Topics can range across your areas of expertise and you can create new topics for each one. This allows you to reach a broader audience and generate passive income.
  4. Speaking Engagements and Events: You wrote a book, now share your message! Look for speaking engagements at literary festivals, book conferences, writing workshops, and any where else that matches your field of expertise. Additionally, consider hosting your own events, such as book signings or author Q&A sessions, to directly engage with your audience.
  5. Content Creation Services: Monetize your writing skills beyond books by offering content creation services to businesses and organizations. This could include ghostwriting articles, creating marketing copy, or crafting blog posts. Your ability to write compelling narratives and communicate effectively makes you a valuable asset in the content marketing world. 


As an author, you have a unique blend of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. By opening yourself up to the possibility of both roles, a world of opportunities lies beyond publishing your book. Whether its diversifying your income streams, sharing your expertise, or connecting with your audience in new ways, the possibilities are endless. Dare to dream big!


With Grace, Shonda


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